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    Unhappy Billed for Support Arrears After Support Should Have Been Ended

    My question involves child support in the State of: Michigan. I have an issue that is quite hard to understand. my ex husband and my two younger children (18 and 20) all live together in Michigan. I live in another state (nj), i recently recieved a paper in the mail about back support for my 20 year old. My issue is this... she wanted to move to her fathers to make things work with their relationship and his then wife. Things didn't work out and he took her back to California where we all had lived. He left her there to stay with friends. She turned 18 in california so she didn't stay with him very long. I am trying to figure out exactly how I owe support when she had lived with me for so long in so. california and ohio. I was also on social services at the time and in ohio we had to stay in a shelter and i received social services there. It is just more than one thing with all of this, but my concern at this time is why is Michigan trying to make me pay support for my 20 year old daughter and she dropped out of school back in 2010.I know i can't post everything but can i get this moved to where i currently have been living for the last 4 years or does michigan still have jurisdiction? Like i said there is so much more to this that begins in january 2013. I need to find someone that can help me out and is affordable since all my money is being taken from my paychecks and it leaves me nothing to pay a lawyer. I gave up trying to do this before but i am fed up with him taking advantage of me and my situations in life. None of this may make sense at all only because it is a complicated thing to explain.

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    Default Re: How Do I Stop a Support Order I Feel Isn't Right

    Where were you divorced and did you pay support during the time the child was with dad?

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    and did she drop out of HIGH SCHOOL? Because if she did, you would owe support until 19 1/2

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    Default Re: How Do I Stop a Support Order I Feel Isn't Right

    We were divorced in california in 2003. I made sure that all child support payments were made each check so that i knew it was being paid. all payments were stopped and checks sent back to me for the payments i had made.also my daughter had lived with me and i did not receive any support payments from her father.between 2007-2009 in california and then again 2009-2010 in ohio. she dropped out of school at 17 years old. I know there is a willingness to forgive that he can sign with the state of michigan (as i was told by the lady of the friend of the court) but he refuses to even acknowledge it. I am just at a loss of what to do. I actually can not afford to make the payments they want from me with the job I have. And why is it that they wait so long to even try to collect when they have all your info and know where you live?

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    Default Re: How Do I Stop a Support Order I Feel Isn't Right

    It's not clear from your narrative why Michigan would be attempting to enforce the order, unless you left out a significant portion of the story involving the transfer of the custody and support case to Michigan somewhere along the line. Normally when a support order is entered in one state, enforcement can be through another state where the payor lives - but you don't indicate that you've ever lived in Michigan. When you took your daughter to Michigan, was a new custody and support order issued by that state?

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    Default Re: How Do I Stop a Support Order I Feel Isn't Right

    At the time I lived in Kentucky before I moved to New Jersey when my daughter wanted to go live with her father to make their relationship work. I never lived in Michigan and have never visited there. The state that is enforcing is New Jersey but it came from Michigan. As I had tried to explain previously she did not stay with him very long maybe about a month or 2 months, before he shipped her back off to California where she stayed with 2 different people and then she turned 18 years old. Like I said before it is a complicated story to tell you. This has been on going for quite some time with my ex husband and i have paid child support until it was closed and my checks were sent back to me from California. There was no new custody order issued at all (joint custody) Up until this year february 2013 there hasn't been an issue for anything until my taxes were offset. This is where it all started and I could not get anyone to speak with me further on the situation or contact me back. As of now I am having a similar issue with this but I have contacted a lawyer to speak to about this.

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    Default Re: How Do I Stop a Support Order I Feel Isn't Right

    Did dad live in Michigan? I suspect dad did and dad registered the order in Michigan, perhaps dad had to because he was receiving state assistance from Michigan. Do you know if any of this took place?

    Dad can ship the child where he wants, someone still has to support the child, those someone's would be you and dad. Dad might have been sending support to whoever the child was living with in CA. What did you do about dad shipping the child off to live with someone else? Did you file for a change of custody based on the child no longer living with dad? Did you file to end the child support order?

    Sounds to me like this is back support, possibly even state assistance in Mi for dad. Mi will go after the NCP to get their share of support to offset the state benefits. Why should Mi being supporting your children?

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