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    Question Punishments for Creating a Virus

    So lets say someone makes a virus which locks your computer if you don't enter the key. He uses that virus to prank people and then gives them the key. But someone used that virus to scam money. Would the creator of virus get punished ? If yes what would be the approximate fine or years in prison ?

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    Default Re: Punishments for Creating a Virus

    Even without the issue of somebody else using the virus to scam money, the initial act is a computer crime. The penalty could depend on a variety of factors but even a minor misdemeanor is often punishable by a year in jail and a fine of $2500.

    Add the possibility of being an accessory before the fact to somebody's else's more serious crime and you are probably looking at a felony conviction with penalties of at least a few years in jail and much bigger fines.

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