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    I had a work related accident six years ago - a fall which resulted in permanent injury - I was pretty out of it for about two years. My Husband took me to a specialist who had been identified through my Employer as my W.C. Doctor of Choice even though this Doctor was not a W.C. Doctor - he was an excellent Dr. My Husband had my best interests in receiving the best care not to build a great W.C. Case.
    My Employer filed a W.C. case for me but then closed it because they said they couldn't get enough information as I wasn't able to speak to them.... again I was too ill. They didn't try any further investigation. They never paid one penny on medical or monthly benefits.
    One year later my Husband hired a W.C. lawyer who didn't do much but attend two depositions taken by my Employer's attorneys.
    I am legally disabled and getting S.S. benefits.
    I have been seen by their Dr.'s now and the Dr.'s my attorney sent me to but no one has investigated the cause of the accident - now my attorney has quit - he changed the scope of his practice and I can't get another as he has been on the case too long. I'm in California. My Dr. - the Dr. that has seen me every month since the accident six years ago has not written a report. The reports written by Dr.'s who have seen me once for thirty minutes are very inadequate. I can't get my records from my old attorney. My medical bills are very high. I am in my 50's. I didn't drive for five years - my license was taken away due to seizures. Now I get a notice from W.C. that says my case will be closed if I don't advance it. I have tried to get information or advice from W.C. about what to do but I don't get any information - I have called the numbers listed on the State Web Site - they take your number and you never get a return call - the weekly classes don't cover specific issues. I have written documentation proving my accident and permanent disability is the fault of my employer. My Dr. is willing to write a report - but again he is not a W.C. Dr. -- HELP???? WHAT SHOULD I DO???

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    you need to talk to your adjuster. ask them what they are requesting. find out if they just need a report from your doctor. have they given you any money? did your doctor have you on temporary total disability? if he did, and he was approved by w/c, they should have given you 2/3 of your salary for the whole time you were on ttd. i would try to get another attorney or find out if you can do anything with the old attorney (report him to the bar) for doing what he did. never the less, your adjuster needs to let you know exactly what you need.

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