My question involves defamation in the state of: Texas

I am Party A - a female. My ex-husband is Party B.

Party A divorced Party B in March 2011 based on finding factual evidence that Party B was secretely having sex with men in and out of the marital bed. Party B created this evidence of himself and left it in marriage home, and Party A found it and copied the evidence. Party A filed immediately for divorce and, within 1 week, notified Party B that Party A knew what Party B was having sex with men. Party B has never ever denied this truth after being confronted.

Following the divorce, Party A relocated to NY and Party B remains in TX. Party A gets asked via calls or inquiries through a 2nd party about Party A and Party B's marriage. Party A has heard from multiple people that Party B is not letting people (including his own family) know that the divorce has taken place, let alone been finalized some time ago. Party B has disconnected himself from 98% of common friends of Party A. When Party B comes in contact with common friends of Party A, he will not acknowledge that the divorce exists. Party A is told that Party B consistently answers that Party A is fine whenever people ask Party B about Party A. It is very troubling that Party B is trying to save face by going on as if still married to Party A.

If Party A tells friends/family/former in-law family that the divorce has taken place and the reason for it, could Party A be sued for slander or libel? Party A imagines not since the sharing would be all factual information. Party A wants to go on with her life and not hear of anymore association with Party B.

Thank you in advance.