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    Default How Do I Get My Room Mate Evicted

    I recently rented out my spare bedroom to a young couple that had relocated to Florida from PA.
    They paid $650 up front for a 30 rental. No agreement was signed Nor did they ask for a receipt for the money they paid.

    Everything seemed ok at 1st. Since they started staying here, thay play music at all hours of the night
    I haven't been able to sleep. They leave water running & leave lights on. I have asked them on several occasions
    to turn stuff off & keep the music down, But the reply is always the same,
    "I can do what ever I want because I pay rent just like you"

    I have informed them that our living together under the same roof is not working & they need to find another place in which to live. He keeps saying I don't have to move, as I pay rent like you do.

    I am the sole person on the lease for my house.

    What legal recourse do I have & how do I go about evicting this couple?

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    Default Re: How Do I Get My Room Mate Evicted

    they are your tenants. You must terminate their tenancy as the laws of your state requires (most likely a 30 day notice). If they fail to leave at the end of that time, you would have to sue to have them evicted.

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