My question involves real estate located in the State of: Virginia

My father paid off his mortgage back in March for a house he bought in 1989. The bank that owned his mortgage told him that he would get his certificate of satisfaction within 90 days. I wasn't with him when he went to the bank but the way he talked about it, he was under the impression that he would receive it in the mail. Fast forward to a few days ago and he still had not received anything. So I went to the bank a couple of days ago (he's been sick and can't go himself) and asked when he would get it. The person I spoke to said that since the mortgage was under his name and SSN, he had to come in himself and make the request. It will be several weeks if not months before he is able to do that, so I went to the city's circuit court because I knew they would have a copy under public record. I got it, along with a copy of the deed.

My father had a conservator through Child and Family Services from about 1995 up until a couple of years ago and the conservator was in charge of paying all of his bills. So the certificate of satisfaction has my father's name, then "Child and Family Services" under that, and their address under that. The actual house address doesn't appear on there at all. I pointed out that the address was wrong and that my dad is now responsible for himself. The clerk said it doesn't matter what address is on there. Well, my father threw a fit when he saw the certificate because he thinks it means that Child and Family Services owns his house and they can decide to take it from him at any time.

So my questions are
1) Can Child and Family Services take his house if they wanted to?
2) Is it possible for anyone to take the house because the house address isn't on the certificate of satisfaction (it is on the deed), meaning he can't prove that he owns the house free and clear.
3) My father's will says I get the house when he dies. Will the wrong address cause any complications when the house is transferred to me?
4) If yes to any of those, how does he (or I) get the address on the certificate of satisfaction changed?