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    Default Do You Need Licensing to Aggregate YouTube Videos

    Hi, I am creating a youtube aggregator which will have moderators who will collect youtube videos and post it on my site. While showing the link we will use youtube player and show the youtube logo as directed by Google. We will embed the video on our site which means all the controls and links will be redirected to youtube.
    1. I want to confirm if this is infringing any copyright issue or licensing issue. The youtube content owner has made it available for free and anyone can embed the video, so why should this be a problem ?
    2. Do I have to take permission from the content owner to show these videos ?
    3. When a user searches content on my site(with all the youtube videos) can I show a display ad there ?


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    Default Re: Do You Need Licensing to Aggregate YouTube Videos

    If your use of YouTube videos is consistent with YouTube's terms of use, then you should be fine. Whether or not you can display an ad alongside a YouTube video embedded on your site is more of an issue to discuss with your ad network. YouTube videos are embedded on many sites that display advertising.

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