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    Default Builder Did Not Provide Correct Redraw Floor Plan

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Texas
    We paid for redraw and an architect redraw the floor plan but it was not flipped like it was suppose to according to the contract. Contract stated the plan suppose to be flipped. After reminding Highland sale agent and the manager, I was told by district manager that they will provide me floor plan. I even talked to district manager on my closing day and told him and he told me, yes they will have the floor plan when I go pick up the keys. When I went to closing, they gave me a floor plan where I would have to flip the page and read floor plan and dimensions like a mirror image. After that I email district manager and he told me that they will not give me the floor plan.
    What Actions can I take in order for them to provide me correct floor plan?

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    Default Re: Builder Did Not Provide Correct Redraw Floor Plan

    is that the ONLY issue you have?

    is there some reason it is such an issue?

    If you paid to have it redrawn in the flipped position, I would demand a refund and live with what you have.

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