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    Default Accused of Making Excessive and Questionable Returns

    My question involves business law in the state of California: Nordstrom sent me a letter for excessive and questionable returns. They provided a phone number and wanted to ask me questions before moving forward with their evidence.
    Is this a scare tactic or should I take this serious? They advised that I am not to go into any Nordstrom until this is resolved. What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Nordstrom Threatening Letter

    I think they believe you are party to a retail theft ring. I suggest you ignore the letter and never step foot in another Nordstroms again. If contacted by police, hire a lawyer to represent your interests.

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    Default Re: Nordstrom Threatening Letter

    I would consult with an attorney.

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    Default Re: Nordstrom Threatening Letter

    And stay out of all and any Nordstrom's.

    Any receipts or credit card bills you have with purchases/returns, take those to a consult with a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

    Do not speak to anyone from Nordstrom's or the police without an attorney present.

    More details would be nice:
    - Monetary value.
    - How often you purchased and then returned things, did you have receipts for those purchases? Reasons for returns? Were original tags still in place? Itsms still in original condition (no stains, etc). Same store, or multiple locations? (Your lawyer will also want to know this).

    What happens is that some thiefs steal an item, return it without a receipt for cash or store credit. So a lot of returns looks suspicious, especially without receipts. Or some people will buy something, wear it to an event, then try to return the used item.

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