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    Default Gym Personal Training Contract

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Washington

    I got into a contract with a Gold's Gym for personal training for 6 months. My original play was to take it for 3 months, and pay the contract cancellation fee of $149.99 to end the contract. I did this because the rate per training session was far cheaper if I signed up for 6 months rather than 3 and it was cheaper to take 3 months and pay the fee to cancel the contract.

    After a few months, my personal trainer at the gym left to pursue a different career, and I figured my contract was over because the trainer I was training with left. And they stopped billing me for a month(the 4th month). That's why I thought the contract was over. But they said the contract was with the gym so apparently it continued to charge me. So it charged my credit card for 1 more month before stopped the payments.

    Then I went on vacation for 2 weeks and I was contacted by the Gym, and I told them I thought my contract was cancelled and they told me I would have to continue to pay the full 6 months. So I told them I would pay the cancellation fee to cancel it, but they said they cant do that because its 5 months in and they already tried to bill me for the last month. They said if I told them earlier they could have cancelled it, but its too late now.

    I should have cancelled it immediately after 3 months and that was my fault. But now they are charging me for the last 2 months I have not payed yet, without giving me the option to pay the cancellation fee for the contract. The charge is about $610. I tried to talk them down and work with me to reduce it but they will not budge on the price. They offered a payment plan but that's it. And they have given me a week before they send it to collections.

    What are my options? What can I do? Can they legally not allow me to pay the cancellation fee?

    Thanks for any help, if you need more info just ask.

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    Default Re: Gym Personal Training Contract

    The monthly fee for the membership is what? If its' $149 or less, as you were told, cancelling after five months is at best a break even proposition. Similarly, if the billing cycle is such that you have to pay the current month's membership fee and the cancellation fee, as soon as you hit the fifth month you may have been obligated for the full balance. Read your contract and tell us what it says.

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