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    Question Fired After Receiving Uc Benefits

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Pennsylvania

    Hi, new here found your site while browsing Google for answers. A little over two months ago I twisted my knee off the job and my doctor wrote me an excuse for light duty work since I work in the housing construction field. My employer wouldn't allow me to return due to no light duty work being available for me, and they requested that I continually update them with excuses from every doctor appointment and so I have. I filed for unemployment to get help because I have payments to make and I was awarded them because the employer is to provide me some kind of work, and then a couple weeks later I received a notification from unemployment stating the employer filed an appeal because they didn't feel that I should receive it since I did not get hurt on the job. I then had a hearing over the phone, they said on the phone and in the papers I received in the mail following the phone call that the employer did not show up to the hearing. Well I got a note from the doctor stating I was able to return to work with no restrictions, I e-mailed that to the head of human resources as normal and then I received an e-mail back from my employer saying, and I quote this "Hi Glen, Since you were awarded unemployment, we filled your position already." I don't see how this is right, I shouldn't be fired based on them not providing me with some kind of work, I told them I would have returned to work if they would have let me perform some of the lighter work we perform on houses. I would appreciate any information you can provide, this really "screws" me because unemployment doesn't provide enough for me to make all my payments and provide for my family, I didn't get a new job because I was suppose to be able to return once the doctor allowed for no restrictions.

    Sorry for the long post, I'm just trying to be accurate and as descriptive as possible. Thank you all!

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    Default Re: Fired After Receiving Uc Benefits

    There are no circumstances whatsoever under which an employer is required by law to provide you with light duty, and considering the potential liability if you re-injure yourself by working again before you are fully healed I can understand why an employer might be hesitant to put you back to any kind of duty.

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