My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: New York
I hope someone can help. I have unclaimed funds held by NY Comptroller's Office. My identity has been verified and accepted by the NY Office of Unclaimed Funds. NYOUF requires proof of the original trust from the bank that turned over the funds in 1993. After 2 years, the bank (CitiTrust) still cannot or will not produce the documents. I have provided all historical documents to the bank including the bank's own documents for a distribution to me from another trust under the same will in 2006. The trust officer at the bank recognizes that the funds belong to me but continues to say that the information cannot be found (i.e. death certificate, letter of trusteeship, etc) and they're trying to find them. They've handled the trusts under this will since 1929. They have to have the records. What can I do? Do I hire an attorney in NY or in the state I live in? Is there another way to get the cooperation of the bank? I'm at a loss. I started this process in January 2011 and it is so close to being resolved.