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    Default Rear-Ended and Injured

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Alabama

    I was rear ended in an auto accident and injured very recently. I drove myself to the hospital that day. I ended up having some injuries that required followup care and am waiting to hear the results of the tests.

    How is going to be the best way to approach this claim? The person who hit me had insurance thankfully and is listed as the at-fault party in the police report which I have a copy of. I exchanged all info with this person and have not received a call from this person with the claim number the police said he should provide.

    Is it better to call and file a claim with his insurance or mine(i have a large deductible and am not at fault)? I am not sure whether to contact my personal auto insurance provider or not. (I have comprehensive coverage).

    Do I need an attorney?

    I have not dealt with this myself previously.

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    Default Re: Rear-Ended and Injured

    File a claim with his company. Comp coverage does nothing for you here.

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    Default Re: Rear-Ended and Injured

    I have contacted their insurance company and established a claim. I am waiting for a callback from the adjuster as I need to get damage to my car repaired.
    I am incurring medical bills and missed work and its pretty uncomfortable as a result of the accident. I am still having pain and was given meds to numb it, but at what point do I revisit the doctor if its still hurting?

    I just want to make sure any bills incurred from this accident are paid and that I don't end up still hurting 5+ years from now.
    Will they flat out ask someone to give a recorded statement?

    There were no citations issued.

    Do I need an attorney? Any pros/cons of one in this case?

    Also, the ED visit, I did not use my health insurance b/c I was not sure what to do. Should i go ahead and try to file the claim with them for this? Or try to pay the claim out of pocket until it's settled?

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