My question involves defamation in the state of: New Jersey and my question involves libel

Briefly, landlord won default judgement by default for unpaid rent, due to fact tenant never responded to certified mail. Once the tenant realized her wages were being garnished, she filed a motion to vacate the judgement. All the reasons she stated in her motion were totally untrue and were actually lies. Per advice from your site I immediately answered her motion, item by item. Immediately I received a summons to appear in court today, 7-26-13. I was there in the court, this is in NJ Superior court in Hudson County, and when the judge called the case the defendant who filed this motion to vacate did not show. The judge then ordered me to go to her chambers, where a member of her staff told me the judge would make her final decision and I would be notified by mail.

Does anyone know how long this will take. Also since the defendant was the one who filed the motion to vacate the default judgement and did not appear for the hearing, is this now over or can the defendant re-schedule this hearing? Also the statements she made in her motion to vacate were all lies. For instance, she claimed I had no right to file in the first place because I was not the landlord. I was actually one of the owners along with my 2 siblings. Since she lied on her motion to vacate, not that I want to go through this process again, but if her reasons to vacate were all lies if I wanted could I should her for libel?

I thank everyone so very much for helping me along the way of this nightmare that started in 12-2012. I truly appreciate everyone who donates their time to help people like me! God Bless!