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    Default How to Enforce a State Judgment in Federal Court

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of:Tennessee

    My client has a judgment in his favor from Louisiana. The debtor has another case pending in Tennessee Federal Court where he likely will receive a settlement payout that will cover his debt to my client. I have enrolled my client's LA judgment in Tennessee court making in enforceable. How do I now put a lien on the federal court case? Do I have to intervene in the pending case? Is there another way to ensure that should the debtor obtain a settlement my client as a creditor gets paid out of it?


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    Default Re: How to Enforce a State Judgment in Federal Court

    What you would normally do is to try to garnish the defendant once they're in the position of being a judgment creditor, or garnish the account into which the settlement check is deposited.

    Is there any chance that the defense firm would cooperate with you?

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