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    Default Car Accident. No Insurance. No police report.


    I was involved in an accident in April. My insurance was canceled a couple of weeks before the accident. My license has been suspended for a year, due to no insurance. A police report was not filed, however the police happened to drive up after the accident and checked if we were ok. The other driver was at fault and has told her insurance company that I was at fault. They are aware that I was not insured at the time. They now have collection agencies after me for over 6k of repairs.
    Anyway, my question is this, how can they come after me with no proof of who was at fault? Can they sue me? I didn't file a police report because I wasn't insured and was scared. Of course she didn't want one either because she was at fault. What should I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    They can and will come after you. You are the one that decided to drive uninsured and without a license and took this risk. You have two options. One is to sue her in small claims for the damage to your vehicle, no matter how slight. Then the court will establish fault and you could lose. I suggest this because it is unlikely they will sue you, they will just ruin your credit and continue to harass you for the next ten to twelve years. You can expect this to be illegally reaged past the seven years. This is option two.

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