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    Default Re: Bicycle Ticket in Brooklyn

    If you want possible defenses....I want you to issue me a $10,000 Money Order to give you that defense.

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    Default Re: Why Do You Focus on the Law Instead of Dreaming Up Defenses

    For the record, I did not start this thread and I would not agree with the title. The moderators have done this on my behalf, and it's an absolute first for me to get this kind of treatment on any Internet forum. I have a simple question: Is there any conflict of interest with police officers acting as legal advisors on a traffic ticket forum with no formal disclaimer as to what they do for a living?

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    Default Re: Why Do You Focus on the Law Instead of Dreaming Up Defenses

    This thread was created to remove distracting and pointless discussion from someone's thread. It happens sometimes in an attempt to keep a thread from coming completely unglued, normally at the request of someone like the OP of the originating thread.

    The ones who are active police officers normally do say who they are in one way or another, not that there is any conflict of interest if they don't. The people here are volunteers from all walks of like and there is no requirement that they disclose their employment type.

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    Default Re: Why Do You Focus on the Law Instead of Dreaming Up Defenses

    Thanks free9man, that’s fair enough. I agree that the sub-thread was getting distracting and probably better fits this area, which also allows me to be a little more direct. If there is a way for you to change the title of this thread, I would like for it to be: “Are some police officers capable of a hidden agenda when giving advice about traffic tickets?” (or words to that effect). The current title does not at all reflect what I was trying to suggest, which I will explain better here and also explain why I started the subthread.

    In the original bicycle/sidewalk thread, there were (in my opinion) misleading and belittling statements from someone who identified himself as a police officer. Then the OP retaliated with name calling and left. I can’t count how many times I’ve observed this sort of thing in previous traffic forum threads, having lurked for a long time and read many. The OP starts with a little anti-cop sentiment or a clueless question, and then it escalates to a war of words before he gets disgusted and runs away. Words are put in the poster’s mouth, he is called stupid or worse, he is accused of ignorance (which is why he posted to begin with), and of course the citing officer could not possibly have done anything wrong.

    Reacting to statements in the bicycle/sidewalk thread, I did a bit of research and posted a more useful response. I asked “what infraction code section and subsection did the officer write on your ticket?” Now I am accused of not focusing on the law and dreaming up defenses. How is that so? Isn’t it a standard defense to look for code errors on a ticket? These errors were fairly common on those NYC bicycle/sidewalk tickets, even a very recent quote from a judge who had dismissed a bunch of them for that reason.

    I’ve had conversations with law enforcement officers working security at my local traffic court. A couple of them flat out told me that they did not like people contesting their tickets. I recall one said, “They are just wrong! Why can’t they admit it and just pay the fine?” Neither of these officers believed that it was appropriate to point out mistakes by police that invalidate a ticket, nor did they believe those mistakes ever really happened. In contrast, the judge was impartial, pleasant and sent me off with well wishes. On that day I saw dismissals and several findings of “not committed” due to sloppy police work or poor signage.

    I’m sorry to rant but disagree that current or former police officers aren’t capable of spinning, coloring or withholding elements of their advice--without necessarily being technically inaccurate. However I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge all the dedicated, hard working, long suffering volunteers who staff these forums and I do welcome police officers provided they can be impartial advisors.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Again I am asking are you able to change the title of this thread to something more appropriate?

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