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    Default Sexual Conduct of a Minor

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    I have 2 people with 2 different situations.

    Friend A) She is divorced from her husband and they bought had one daughter. The daughter used to visit the father every other weekend. One day the mother found out through the child that she was "messed with" The child at the time was about 4-5 years old. She had her daughter checked medically and there was signs shown penetration. She went through an investigation, but in order to procecute the father, the daughter had to say it for herself to the investigator and child service without being provoked by close influence. To this day, there is no doubt that the father was the one, but without proof of the 4-5 year old admitting to it, they can't do anything.

    Friend B) He surfs the internet and chats with woman. During one session with group chats one happend to mention that she was the age of 13. Later on every 2-3 weeks a conversation would be initiated between the two, with possibility with the no knowledge of who this is. That doesn't matter, the thing is for 2-3 months at 2-3 weeks apart he would conversate with this "13" year old, sometimes sexually. Just like the sting operations on dateline, it starts off as an internet conversation, then ends up with the perp going to the girls house with intension of intercourse. The thing was, he never went to a house to meet this girl. He had no intensions, now he had conversations that are deem inappropriate for an adult and a child, but he didn't make contact. The police come to his fathers house with a warrant and arrested him as well as confiscated the computer. He was jailed for 2 days, bail set at $5k. If you look at history of others with this same situation, when they pled guilty they got 2-5 years with parole but on the Sex Offenders List for life. If he plead not guilty, because of no physical intensions, and still get convicted, he would see 2 counts for 10 years each totaling 20 years.

    NOW... how could a man whos daughter admited to us that she was molested by her father, but just too embarassed to tell police or law officials and he is allowed to run free.

    When my buddy who made in appropriate internet conversations with a minor and had absolutly no intenstions of any physical conduct but arrested from his home for 2 counts of sexual conduct with a minor and go to jail for 1 day and run the risk of the sex offenders list and prision time?

    I'm not trying to point out my Friend B shouldn't go to prison, but why is Friend A's ex-husband allowed to run free.

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