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    Default When Do You Have to Vacate After Foreclosure

    My question involves a mortgage in the state of: Michigan. I'm in foreclosure in Michigan and my 6 month redemption period will officially end on December 20. My question is, is that December 20 date the date I have to be out of my house? Since it is 5 days before Christmas, I was hoping to move after the holiday. How will I know when I HAVE to leave and how much advance notice will I be given? I hope someone can help me with this...I have to do some preplanning!

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    Default Re: When Do You Have to Vacate After Foreclosure

    The new owner will need to take steps to evict you. They'll have to serve you and you'll get a hearing in court (which you will lose), they will then order that you be out in ten days or less, if not, they can remove you. How fast the new owner starts the eviction proceedings once the redemption period is over is up to them. If it's the bank (most likely), they may be willing to allow you to stay if you are keeping the property up in a marketable condition pending resale. You may also be able to negotiate some incentive (cash) for an orderly departure rather than having to haul you off.

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