My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: tn
Applying for a new job and I need my DL to be valid.... I know it has been suspended. I also do know that it hasn't been the smartest thing in the world to be driving with it In that status. But never the less I was in construction and never really needed it, but here I am now!

To my knowledge a insurance company placed a hold on my DL ( the other persons insurance company) for a wreck that occurred in 2000. When I contacted the state to inquire in reinstatement they told me I need to either get a release from the company or bring a notarized letter stating that I have not been sued. To date I have never been served any papers and my address has always been available. So I don't think I have been sued, maybe just had some sort of judgement or something.
My questions:
Is there a statute of limitations? I mean its been a early 15 years
How do I obtain a letter stating I've not been sued? Is it something I can type up myself and have notarized?
I've tried contacting a few companies but can't even find out who has the hold.

At my wits end any help would be awesome