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    Question Getting a Restricted License After Getting Caught Driving While Suspended

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: KY and NC

    So this is a little complicated. I had gotten a KY license when living there. I had transferred my TN license to there. I had moved to NC in 2006 to help my mom, and since I couldn't find where I had missplaced my KY license, I decided to look up my FL license that I had when I was 16 and misplaced, and transferred it to NC. after a few months I moved back to KY. One day I was in a girlfriend at the times moms truck. We were using it to move something, and i had pulled into a little convenience store. I left the truck running while I ran in to grab a pack of cigarettes, and came out to see the cops writting waiting. They said i couldn't have my truck running without being in it. When asked for license and registration, I had only my NC license on me, andwhile about6-7 of the older insurance paperwork was in the glovebox, the current one was not. They cited me for no proof of insurance. Very soon after me and the girl broke up and I had to immediately move back to NC, thus overlooking the courtdate. I later found out that I was suspended when getting pulled over. My question is would it be within the scope of reasoning to get a NC restricted license sense I live here? I was told to get my license back I would need to either reschedule the KY court date and show up and pay a fine, or pay a lawyer $600 to represent me without traveling there. Then once KY is cleared I would have to pay NC $100 to reinstate my license. I read somewhere that if you have minors living with you makes it helpful with getting a restricted license. I just want to be able to goto the grocery, or get myself to anywhere else that is a need, not a want, without risking anything. Any help?

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    Default Re: Getting a Restricted License After Getting Caught Driving While Suspended

    No they will not issue you a restricted license for this purpose.

    You must clear your case in KY (appear, pay fine, get released form driving privs restriction) and then reinstate your NC license. You can either get your ass back to KY or pay the lawyer to see if he can work things out.

    None of your drama has any bearing on the situation.
    Understand that when you obtain a new license in a different state, your other licenses are technically supposed to be considered rescinded. Sometimes, the respective states don't catch on right away, but treating things as mix and match is going to bite you if you try it.

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