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    Default Sued for Injuries in an Accident Where I Was Rear-Ended

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: NJ

    Car in front of me stopped. I stopped. I was rear-ended from behind. Went out of the car and found that it was actually two cars behind me. The working story was the third car had rear ended the middle car, which then proceeded to rear end me. Police came and the police report illustrates my car as the one in front. It also has our post collision statements. The second car stated he had slowed in traffic and was rear ended from behind and at which point he was forced forward and rear ended me. Nearly two years later the middle car has filed a lawsuit against me, who was driving in front, and the 3rd car. Quite honestly I am flabbergasted and extremely pissed. How is this even allowed/understandable? Isn't this frivolous? Do I have recourse against the middle car? Counter suit for wasting my time/money and the frivolity of the lawsuit? THank you for providing your input. I am at a lost and am dazed and confused.

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    Default Re: Was Rear-Ended and is Now Being Sued

    You had insurance, right? Make sure they are aware of this and let them deal with it.

    No, you have no recourse here but to defend yourself. I have no idea of the basis of their suit so I could not say whether it is frivolous.

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    Default Re: Was Rear-Ended and is Now Being Sued

    I have insurance. They are dealing with it. I just can't imagine how this could be allowed. I am also extremely busy and work 60-90 hrs per week at a high stress job. This suit is throwing off my focus. Ridiculous that I didn't pursue any legal action and the other car has the nerve to sue me.

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    Default Re: Was Rear-Ended and is Now Being Sued

    Relax and let your insurance handle it, that is what you pay them for

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