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    Default Boyfriend Verbally Abusive to Daughter

    My fiance (well we just broke up now so I guess my "ex") and I share a house. He mistakenly was placed on the deed (long story) so I can't kick him out for this, but he has been having issues with my kids (not doing thier chores, nothing major, my daughter has the normal 12 year old attitude) and his mother complains about them all the time too. My kids went through alot during my first marraige with the abuse of their father (mostly towards me) and my daughter was molested at 8 years old. I tried to discipline them better because I know I have allowed them to get away with things to compensate for their father's treatment in the past. At any rate, my fiance (ex now) got in my 12 year old daughters face the other night and said he wanted to punch her in the f***g face. Now, he is on the deed and wont leave so even if I have him arrested for this he is still allowed to be in the house right? Is there a way to get him to stay out for treating her like this. The kids have been through enough and I left my last house to my first husband and I wont do it again. any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Boyfriend verbally abusive to daughter

    If you or your daughter are in fear for your safety, try for a personal protection order.

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