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    Default Can Sex Offenders Get Off the Registry

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan.
    My husband when he was 18 was at a party with a group of other high schoolers and there was drinking and drugs. A girl was there who took a liking to him and said she was 16. She went down on him but when he found out she was 13 he stopped talking to her, they put him away for 5 years for that cause they saw that he was upset, devistated and disscusted with what happened otherwise he would have went away for longer. The girl actually put a few more guys in prison after my husband. She actually had a friend lie to the court and they dismissed her friend because of it. However, when my husband got out 5 years later he was on a bit torrent site downloading movies, video games, software and music he missed out on while in prison and he would download 15-35 files at a time w/o checking. One of the files had a zip file attached containing 6 pictures of child porn. A friend of my husbands spent $35,000 on a computer evidence guy. This guy was able to prove he never searched for it, downloaded it and he would have never known it was there, however, the courts told my husband that he has a high risk of losing the case and he could go away for a long time so he should take the plea bargain. In this case it meant he was guilty which he didn't know that. They also said because he had a "history" of sex crimes, meaning the first one, he is guilty. However since the computer guy was able to prove he only went away for 3 years. But now he is a tier 3 on the registry, having to register for life and having his life spied on and his kids not able to be with him without supervision. How can we change this without the risk of losing in court and having him put back in jail? Why can't sex offenders register for 5 or 10 years and if they stay out of trouble and abide the registering laws than they can move down in tiers? Murderers, thieves, arsonists, etc don't have to be publicly displayed after they serve their time. This is sad that sex offenders mainly are innocent half the time are losing out on work, promotions, living arrangements and family. What can be done?

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    Default Re: Can Sex Offenders Get Off the Registry

    Sex offenders are mainly innocent half the time?

    Oh which planet?

    Do you realize that sex offenses are probably the most difficult to successfully prosecute?

    Write your congressperson.
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    ok so he raped a 13 year old girl and when he got out he downloaded kiddy porn.

    you have chosen to allow him to talk you into believing it was the 13 year old's fault he raped her.

    You don't get caught torrenting kiddy porn if it's an accident that's not how torrents work, the outward facing name or description of the torrent would have had to have indicated child porn in order to get probable cause for a search. He knew exactly what he was downloading.

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    Default Re: Can Sex Offenders Get Off the Registry

    For information on how an offender can attempt to seek relief from the registration requirements, see MCL 28.728c ("This section is the sole means by which an individual may obtain judicial review of his or her registration requirements under this act.")

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