My question is I have a friend who pleaded guilty to GSI in 1992 in Ohio. He applied for a pardon and was denied even thought he has lead a exemplary life since then. He pleaded guilty on the advice of attorneys, based on his statement to the police which was coehersed and done by threats and inaccuracies. He just turned 19 years old at the time. To make a long story short this has been on his record since then, and since it was a sex offense, the record could not be expunged, so that is why he applied for a pardon.

He had over 15 letters to support his pardon application, along with a letter from the girl who was 16 years old at the time who stated that the whole case was blown out of proportion. She was not allowed to say anything. Her parents basically wanted to have the case prosecuted. The prosecutors whole case was on what he said to the police, and the statement had many inaccuracies on what accured. He even had a favorable recommendation from the Parole Board who supported his stance. Ultimately, the Governor of Ohio denied his pardon, and now he is stuck.

The man is now over 30 years old, with numerous college degrees, and has never been in trouble since this incident. My question is: Is there anything he can do to in regard to withdrawing his plea, or to get help finding a job?

Every job that he is qualified for, he is ultimately not hired because of this felony conviction. He went through the hiring process for 5-6 postions, and was technically hired, but when he told him about his past because of his honesty, the HR would not go through with the hiring. The managers had no problem with the backgroundround check, but HR wouldn't go any further due to liability concers he was told.

What ultimately can he do to get a second chance? How do people with felonies go on with their lives if their are no employers willing to give them second chances? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks.