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    Unhappy What Are The Consequences of a Felony Charge


    My stepdad has been aressted 5 times for driving without a lisence in Gilchrist county. at first it was a misdemenor now its a felony charge. He wants to know what hes looking at on his court date november 9th. Also they have a charge against him for violation of probation and a misdemenor charge for drug parafinela(spelling???). Can someone tell me what hes looking at??? Because they keep telling him every time he goes to court that he has another court date. they havent sentanced him yet and the charges are from either aug. or sep. please someone help me!!!

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    Default Re: What's the consequences for a felony charge?

    He's probably looking at a period of incarceration, either on the probation violation, new felony charge, or both. His criminal defense lawyer may be able to estimate what his sentence is likely to be.

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