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    Angry Wrongly Accused of Stealing from a Store

    So on June 21st I went into UDF to get pepto and I was looking a a box of them and while trying to read the directions( it was for Dozer) the box came open so I sat them back on the shelf and just bought a big bottle of it instead. Well the next day on the 22nd I went back in to get smokes and a few other things, I grabbed a red-bull the realized I didn't have enough $ so I just sat it on the shelf and went to pay for my items and the manager comes walking out cussing and screaming at me in front of all the other customers, saying I stole the pepto and I'm a thief & a liar from the day before and that i was banned from the store and i stepped on UDF property i would be arrested. I tried explaining what happened but she wouldn't shut her mouth to even listing to me, so I told her I was going to get the cops and then she proceeded to take my license plate #. I came back 45 minute later with a police man but it was her word against mine, so there was nothing he could do, then he said he checked my record and of course it was clean. Then he asked me if I would sign this paper saying that I couldn't be on the property or I'd be arrested, I refused to sigh it cause I did nothing wrong, so he gave me the # to UDF's corporate office and I called them today to fight this and the man I spoke with was awesome, he said he watched the video and said that he didn't see me stealing anything, so he said that he contacted his supervised and he was livid as was I.. This woman made accusations without proof. should sue her or UDF for harassment and depravation of character, embarrassment!! I just want my name cleared cause I'm not a thief or liar!!!

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    Default Re: Can I Sue Fro This Incedent

    I don't really see any damages you suffered ... the amount is trivial, so damages must be proven.

    Clear your name to who?

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    Default Re: Can I Sue Fro This Incedent

    what are your damages?

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    Default Re: Can I Sue Fro This Incedent

    You're not defamed. The acquisitions were not made publicly. They don't need proof or even much reason other than it wasn't for race, etc... to ban you from the store.

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