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    Default Returning to work despite chronic injury

    hi i am a postal employee who was injured at work five years ago. i have a list of 8 doctors and each have told me that my injury can not be helped by any means. so finally i have accepted my cross and have trained myself to deal with the DAILY pain of my injury. now the problem. i recieved a letter yesterday in the mail that is requesting my doctor to send me back to work. stating that anything short of bedrest means that i can work a modified job. i can barely get of out bed and when i do trust me it is in intervals. no matter what i do i can only do it for 5 or 6 minutes at a time before i have to change positions. literally. now my question. can they make me return to work even though i am injured? what are my recourses? how do i get my medical records from my first doctor who has retired and left no forwarding address?


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    Default Workers' Compensation - Letter to Return to Work

    There is presumably a basis for the letter, other than "because we want him to go back to work" - such as the result of an examination by a workers' compensation doctor?

    You would likely benefit from consulting a workers' compensation lawyer in your state (or is it Washington DC?), to determine your rights and the appropriate steps you should take to establish the continuing nature of your disability.

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