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    Default "Standard Charge for Carpet Cleaning" Not Actually in Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Missouri. We move out of the rental property, landlord inspects house, everything is great. He calls to schedule a meet up to turn in keys and give us our $950 deposit. He only gives us $750 stating that he charges $200 "standard charge" and states it is listed in the lease. I tell my roommate the situation, he's upset and calls the landlord and negotiates him down to $100 for the carpet. He does this before I am able to check the lease. I get home and pull out the lease. There is no mention of any $200 charge for carpet cleaning. Note, this charge isn't because the carpets are dirty, we got a clean inspection. The landlord said that he charges this $200 instead of relying on tenants to clean it themselves. It seems to me we should receive our full deposit. Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: "Standard Charge for Carpet Cleaning" Not Actually in Lease

    the amount is the market price for the cleaning ... if you think you are owed $$ back then its to the small claims court

    $200 does not sound excessive - if actually required under the terms of the lease

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    Default Re: "Standard Charge for Carpet Cleaning" Not Actually in Lease

    If you disagree with the amount kept from your security deposit, you write what is known as a "demand" letter, demanding what you believe you are fairly owed and giving the landlord a certain amount of time to refund this money. If no satisfaction, your next step is to consider a lawsuit for these funds.

    Couple of things to keep in mind...

    1. All states allow a landlord a certain amount of time to return the security deposit; even those states that require a walk through at the end of the lease. It is not unusual that damage beyond normal wear and tear may be found after the final walk through.

    2. Carpet cleaning is a fairly standard issue that is often disputed between landlords and tenants. Some landlords require that tenants do this. Some landlords charge all tenants a fee at move out for this. Some landlord eat the cost of carpet cleaning themselves.


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    Default Re: "Standard Charge for Carpet Cleaning" Not Actually in Lease

    Carpets need to be cleaned before new tenants move in

    It was your dirt in the carpets, and it needs to be removed,

    All renters expect clean carpet and a clean house, and landlords expect it to be returned clean.

    It is just good business.

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    Default Re: "Standard Charge for Carpet Cleaning" Not Actually in Lease

    Where did you get that from?

    Absent something to the contrary in a lease agreement (and depending on what that is, it may not be enforceable), tenants are not responsible for deep cleaning, or for anything attributable to ordinary wear and tear. If a tenant has left coffee stains on the carpet (or something similar) that can be removed by shampooing, the landlord can plausibly claim that the shampooing is due to something beyond ordinary wear and tear, but routine shampooing between tenants is not something for which a tenant can ordinarily be charged. A clause requiring the tenants to have the carpets professionally cleaned upon vacating, or to pay for such cleaning, is probably going to be enforceable, but it must be in the lease.

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