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    Default Hours cut for retaliation

    I work part time in a day care. I went to work today as usual and was told that my hours were cut back to three hours a day (was hired to work 4 1/2). I can't help to think this was retaliation for telling my supervisor last week, in advance, that I could not attend an after hours staff meeting to be held on Thursday and due to a previous appointment (Dr note was provided). I then called in sick on Friday due to the fact that I was sick (I provided a doctors note for my one year old who had a contagious illness that I had also caught).

    I know it does not sound like much of a reduction, but I do count on my salary. When hired, I had two job offers with same pay and selected this one due to the hours offered. I have had no previous problems and even recently received a raise. I can no longer work in the other day care, because I was also recently required to sign a no compete agreement.

    Can they just cut my hours for what seems to be retaliation? The reason given was that someone else would be closing. I would appreciate any advice anyone has on this. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Hours cut for retaliation

    Your employer sets the schedules for their employees. Nothing you posted suggests that illegal retaliation took place. If you had made a complaint to a government agency for any illegal activities, then you might have a claim.

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