My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: Connecticut

I work for a very small company, one owner, and one other employee besides myself. It's a new company, only been open since January 2012, I started in May of 2012. A few weeks ago, I had to sign for 4 very thick certified letters from the IRS for my boss. They were sitting on my desk for awhile, and I may have happened to see some of the verbiage through the envelope. They were payroll tax related - he owes over $20k, and basically did not pay any payroll taxes on me or my colleague. I figured he'd give it to his accountant and they'd work it out.

Fast forward to yesterday, I got a call from the accountant looking for my boss. I took a message, and basically was "Tell him he needs to let me know if he's ever taken care of the Payroll and Sales tax issues yet." Which leads me to believe he never paid sales tax on any of our services either....and all of this is just for the 2012 tax year!

I did receive a W-2 and filed my taxes back in February, so I have proof that everything was withheld. But when I checked my social security statement yesterday, it doesn't show that any of my wages from this job were reported!

I don't know exactly how to proceed. Obviously I'm afraid that he's going to get shut down, but on top of that, if he hasn't paid any taxes I'm not going to be able to collect unemployment. He doesn't know that I'm aware of what's going on - should I just confront him on the basis of "my social security statement says that my wages from here were unreported.." and see if he comes clean?

Any help would be much appreciated!