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    Default Co-Tenant is Destroying My Property and Harassing Me

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    One of the girls I live with has a personal vendetta against me and I really don't know why. But anyway, its come to the point where I told her to stop contacting me completely (i specified no notes, phone calls, text messages or email). After that, I have not responded to her in anyway or initiated a conversation with her. She ignored me and has continued to leave notes addressed to me posted around our apartment. About a month ago, she told me not to use any of her things which I haven't. But she is trying to say that furniture that was provided by the apartment is hers and hers only. I talked to my apartment manager and he told me that all of the things that she said were hers actually belong to the apartment complex that I live in (2 couches, a set of dishes, bookshelf, dining room table, dining room table chairs, a desk and a dresser drawer), and that I have free range to use all of that furniture. He also told me that he would explain that to her as well. After that I started using the bookshelf and she left another note up and then decided to curse me out through the door saying that she will throw my things away if I put my book on the bookshelf again. I return my books the bookshelf and I come home and could tell that it had been thrown across the room because of its placement and because the front cover was bent (its a hard cover text book). I removed some of her things from the bookshelf and return my stuff to where it was and when I came back home she had gone torn off the back cover on my box spring, and tore up boxes that I had in the living room and trashed my things. Mixing my paperwork which was in one box with the box I had all of my kitchen supplies packed in.

    I shouldn't have to keep all of my stuff locked in my room just to avoid it being damaged.

    Today I noticed that she cut off all the power using the circuit breakers when she was leaving.

    Although these things have very little value is there anyway I can go to the police about this so they can document it? Or will it just be brushed off because the value of the things that she damaged is so low?

    And does this count as harassment?

    Any advice on what I can do? I don't plan on stooping to her level of pettiness to get these problems resolved, I just want to be left alone. And I can't break my lease until 8/31/13.

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    Default Re: Co-Tenant is Destroying My Property and Possibly Harassing Me

    This isn't a criminal matter and you shouldn't escalate it to one. Trying to get your roommates arrested will not bring about the peace and quiet you want in your home. You need to have a house meeting with all the roommates in which everyone can peacefully air their grievances and you can patch this up. If you can't work it out among yourselves, bring in a neutral person whose opinion you all respect to arbitrate some kind of agreement between you.

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