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    Default Non-Custodial Stepparent Kept Minor's Survivor Benefits

    When i was 16 my mother of single parent adoption died and my step father told me that she had abused the system so i wouldn't receive anything from Social Security, I am now 20 and found out that he received 1000 a month for 3 years in the estimated sum of 30,000. i did not live with him since before my mothers death and none of my family whose i did stay with received any money from him. I ended up living on the streets dropping out of high school and being put through placement. I Joined the military and graduated from high school when i was 18. I KNOW this is fraud, i wold just to like on what level and what are the steps i should take after i make a report online. the consequences and will i get repaid in the amount he has stolen from me?

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    Default Re: Fraud

    That money was not for you to put into your pocket. He owes you nothing.

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    report this to SSA and to the police

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    Default Re: Fraud

    Agree with Lehk.

    Report it.

    There's no way to predict whether you'll ever see the money, but report it anyway.

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    Default Re: Fraud

    I think SSA has dropped the ball on payee accounting for years.

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