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    Default Waiting for Benefits Due to an Agency Mistake

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: Massachusetts i work for a company that i got hired by a agency so our hours got reduced in march which is the slow season which is fine so i opened my claim at the end of march which i was told would take about 4 weeks before i received any payment OK that's fine which i was approved by unemployment to collect any payment but the issue is unemployment sent form to my agency regarding my hours i was working so they had the incorrect information in the computer so because of that i got penalized for 7 weeks so when i found out they correct in the computer so i waited the 7 weeks so from then Ive been calling every week and don't get anywhere that a adjuster to contact me but still its been 2 weeks and still nothing and its been 10 weeks since Ive opened my claim and nothing . im getting frustrated i have 3 kids to support and a mortgage all by myself so i need help what i need to do to receive my benefits .

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    One thing I can suggest is that if you live near one of the walk in centers that has unemployment services, you go there physically and see if they can help you. Don't go during what would be lunch for most people and don't go at 8:00 on a Monday - go at an odd time and you can get through fairly quickly. Sometimes it's easier face to fact. FYI MA encourages people to use the walk in centers rather than the phone.

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