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    Unhappy How Can I Legally Evict My Sublessee

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: California

    I have had an ongoing problem with the person that was sub leasing the detached garage at the house I am renting. It's a very long story, there have been numerous issues and problems. The short version is that countless times he has been told to clean up all his junk outside on the property and get rid of the cars that don't run. He refuses to contribute to the utilities he uses, and is only supposed to rent the garage for storage. He isn't supposed to live in it. He has been sneaking in and out late at night, leaves his dog in the garage all the time. I have given him numerous written notices to quit, vacate, as well as verbally spoken to him that he needs to go. April 1st 2013 I gave him written and verbal notice to be out June 1st, but that he was still required to pay for May storage since there was no security or last month paid. This gave him 60 days to vacate. He hasn't done one thing in 59 days to indicate he is moving. He refuses to speak to me in an adult conversation, when I try to contact him by text or phone or in person he just yells and cusses and calls me names. He never paid me for May, he is stealing power from somewhere, he is violating the building and safety laws (he was given that notice as well with 6 violations) and I think DWP left a notice on the garage but he refuses to tell me what it said or show it to me.He is belligerent and thinks he can do what ever he wants to and ignores every written and verbal notice. Please help, I want to know what I can do to get him out of here without having to involve my landlord because I'm afraid he will want me to move out because of the past problems with this guy. The landlord has always told me that the sub-lessor is my problem and to find a way to deal with him myself.
    I need help getting this guy out I have been trying for 6 months with valid notices off the internet. He won't leave.

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    Default Re: How Can I Legally Evict My Sub-Lessor

    If he is sub-leasing from you, then you are his landlord and you'll need to follow the same process that any landlord needs to follow if you wish to pursue eviction:

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    Default Re: How Can I Legally Evict My Sub-Lessor

    since this is not a residential tenancy issue, the rules to evict are different. I do not have the means to research at the moment. I'll try to catch up with this later if nobody else has.

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