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    Default Shoplifting More Than $100, Possibly Caught on Camera

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Massachusetts
    I recently shoplifted clothing from Jc Penny fitting room, (probably more than $100) biggest mistake, I will never shoplift again. I don't think I was seen on camera...I left the store and nobody said anything to me. But, when I got to my car a guy was on the phone and looking at my license plate and on the phone. If they got down my information from my license plate how will they find me and what will happen to me? How long will it take them to find me? What are the chances they will come find me? If they come to my house can they search it? and do they have cameras in the fitting room? I'm over the age of 18 by the way. AND For people who are thinking about shoplifting DON'T do it, I'll never do it again in my life its not worth it! I'm so scared and ashamed of myself.

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    Default Re: Shoplifting More Than $100 in Ma, Possibly Caught on Camera and Have My License P

    Sorry, the crystal ball is out being cleaned; the magic 8 ball is broken, and Madame Zuileka is on vacation and didn't leave an email address or phone number. We have no other means of predicting the future.

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