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    Default Dog Bites Another Dog

    We live in the state of Michigan. We left our dog at a dog care business while on vacation. On the day we went to pick up our dog, our dog got in a fight with another dog in our presence at the business. The other dog's ear was punctured, but our dog was bleeding from his nose and the side of his mouth. It was impossible to tell what dog "started" the fight. The owner of the other dog is requesting that we pay the vet bills, does the person have legitimate claim against us so that we should simply pay the bills and avoid a lawsuit?


    Edit: Oh, and their dog was significantly more injured than ours if it matters. Our dog is a Golden Retriever and theirs is a Labrador Retriever, so the size differential is trivial.

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    Default Re: Dog Bites Another Dog

    How did the animals come into such proximity they were able to attack each other?

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