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    Default Being Evicted by a Difficult Landlord

    Please help! I have been having problems with the apartment managers where I live. They have dealt me a fit since I have lived there.The first letter that I recieved had said that I leave my clothes standing in water in the washing machine.I have a number of personal items left in the laundry room,I leave the control entry door open for my family members. Then she says at the end of the letter "Why do you make living there difficult for the other tenants because of my inconsideration and attitude?" I had wrote her back a letter explaining all of the things that I was accused of. I told her I only left my clothes in standing water 1 time it was because I had a fire and was soaking them. I only have 1 personal item in the laundry room which is a baby swing in a box. I don't leave the control entry door left open my children do have cell phones so they call ahead of time when they arrive. I was very polite when I responded to her letter. I ask her how can she say I am the one leaving the control door open there are 5 other apartments besides mine. Why am I the only one getting accused? I had 1 personal item left in the laundry room,Why do I have to remove my belonging when the other tenants have things there to? I had told her that she just starting accusing me of these things and never gave me a chance to defend myself. I had also told her I don't feel that I am inconsiderate or have an attitude. I treat people the way I want to be treated therefore I am nice to people. That was the first letterI had wrote. This is the second letter that I wrote to her about the apartment managers. I complained of the hallways and laundry room being unsantized,I also had told her that the apartment manager was drunk and fell through my front window. They said that if I lost my keys there will be a $45 lockout fee. Then a new tenant moves in and he tells her if you ever get locked out allyou have to do is knock on this window which is mine. Why should I have to be disturbed isn't that their job?Also I was complaining about he way he talks to me, I said I don't think they know how to talk to people. Any way that is a real brief summary of the second letter. The third letter that was hand delivered to me is a 14 Day/30 Notice in this letter she states that I have drug trafficking or use at my dwelling, Also I am invovled with illegal activity ect. She also states that there was a drug transaction that a neighbor wittnessed across the street. How is she able to accuse me they did n't say any names she just assumed it was me. She also says that I have 10 vehicles a day at my apartment the traffic is heavier around the 1st and the 15th of the month. That is false but how do they know they are coming to see me? And in the lease it does not state how many visitors you can have come and see you. She also says the visitors that come to see me are very rough looking. My friends dress just like they do,Just cause they don't have designer clothing that makes them rough looking. In my lease it does not state that this apartment complex has a dress code.She says I have been let in my apartment 6 times. I had a visitor in from Arkansas that stayed with me for 2 days. She said he has not filled an application out,there will a extra $25 added ro my rent for a extra person staying there. He was a visitor that stayed for 2 days. Why do I have to pay an extra fee for a visitor? I am supposed to correct all of these problems within 14 days. or I will have 30 days to move out. How am I supposed to correct this if I have no knowledge of this? All of these accusations are false. What do I do? Do I have a case? Thank You! My name is Tami from Nebraska.

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    Default Eviction Proceedings

    We offer some suggestions for tenants who are being evicted. Given that your landlord appears intent on evicting you, you would benefit from consulting with a local lawyer who defends landlord-tenant actions or, if you cannot afford an attorney, with your local legal aid office. You may also wish to explore the option of finding a different place to live, such that you no longer have to deal with this particular landlord.

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