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    Default Back Bumper Extended Past a Red Curb

    My question involves a traffic citation from the state of: California. Specifically the city of alhambra.

    So I received a ticket today for parking on a red curb (parking officers work on memorials day?). Well, let me try to give you guys a picture of how the street is. The curb fits two compact cars nicely, but unfortunately the car in front was parked too far back so I had to squeeze in. This is how the curb looked like: ____________ before the first red is a driveway and after the last red is another driveway. The paint is literally only three feet long at most. Hopefully that makes sense. My back bumper extended pass the red line a bit, I say "a bit" because the driveway was no way blocked (a car went in right as I got out of my car with no problems). Should I contest the ticket? Do I have a case?

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    Default Re: Back Bumper Extended Pass Red Curb

    Does the statute say no parking in the red area or no parking a "wee bit" into the red area?

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    Default Re: Back Bumper Extended Pass Red Curb

    No part of your car can be in the red zone. It would appear you have no defense.

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    Default Re: Back Bumper Extended Pass Red Curb

    What code section was cited?

    Understand that the language of the code section does not likely say, "Parking okay if only a little into the red ..."
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