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    Default Non-Waiver Clause for Late Rent Payments in a Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: KS

    The agreement says:
    No Waiver: The Landlord expressly reserves all rights against the Tenant, including the right to terminate this Rental Agreement, not withstanding the Landlord's acceptance of late payment of Rent from the Tenant, or acceptance of performance by the Tenant, other than for payment of Rent, that varies from the terms of this Rental Agreement.

    Does this enable to the Landlord to tell me vacate the property whenever in the middle of a contract period? He does give me 60 day notice. But the lease agreement does not expire till Sept 30. What are my rights?

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    Default Re: How Would You Interpret This - No Waiver Clause

    looks like it means that if you are late on your rent or violate the lease the landlord can terminate your lease and can do so even after accepting the payment for late rent or allowing you to remedy the violation.

    I would be more surprised if they did not include this clause.

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    Default Re: Non-Waiver Clause for Late Rent Payments in a Lease

    I expect that the goal is to ensure that the landlord's giving you a break when you cannot pay your rent on time isn't turned into a defense against eviction.

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