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    Default Can You be Liable for Injuries to Somebody Who Borrows Your Lawn Mower

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: IL
    No injury just question. Landlord Loaned Lawnmower to Tenant since he had none, to mower his rented Single Family Home. He used 3 months last yr. Tenant is responsible for lawn care.
    This yr. from neighbor saw he let a teen he hired to mow use the lawnmower - he broke throttle (safety lever still ok) I fix throttle switch so can start. Showed tenant how to operate lawnmower prior to using last year.
    Concern: I plan to write letter to tenant informing that only he and no one else should operate lawnmower. Will that cover any possible liability? If Tenant gets hurt operating the lawnmower would I be liable since I loaned it to him?

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    Default Re: Loaned Lawnmower and Possible Liability

    Tell him to buy one for $50 off craigslist.

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    Default Re: Loaned Lawnmower and Possible Liability

    You will want to discuss your potential liability and sufficiency of your insurance coverage with your insurance agent.

    Can we come up with fanciful scenarios in which you might be liable for an injury? Sure, if you want attenuated scenarios and worst-case possibilities. It's not likely to happen, but we cannot rule out all possible futures.

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