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    Default Equal Pay Between Employees

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: Ohio

    I have worked for this company for 1 year. I was hired on at 15.00 an hour and I was told that is is the highest pay they were able to offer me with an entry level position. I work 2nd shift.

    About 2 months ago a new employee was brought on to work 2nd shift with me (both of us are the only 2 people on second shift) and they started him a dollar more an hour than they gave me. He know's someone in higher management who was able to get him one more dollar an hour.

    We both hold the same exact job title, and do the same exact thing -- he has a felony record I might add.. not that it matters, he is a nice guy. i am just frustrated that they started him out an hour more than they did me....

    are they breaking any rules by doing this? equal pay act?.... something?

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    Default Re: Equal Pay Between Employee's

    Nothing illegal is happening here.

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    Default Re: Equal Pay Between Employee's

    Agree, nothing illegal in this scenario.

    The Equal Pay Act doesn't apply here. This Act prohibits inequitable pay based on gender. Nothing in your post indicates that the new employee's higher pay is based on him being male and you being female. The Act doesn't address inequitable pay based on who knows who in senior management.

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    Default Re: Equal Pay Between Employee's

    This is not illegal and it's not even all that uncommon. It's called market compression and it's what happens when the average rate of pay for a position changes over time. It may not be fair, but the fact of the matter is that people who have been a long time in a position often end up being paid less than people who have newly been hired into the same position. Unfortunately, the law does not require fair; it only requires legal. And unless there is a valid and supportable reason to believe that he is being paid more BECAUSE of his (or your) gender, race, religion, national origin, or other characteristic protected by law, it's entirely legal.

    It is also entirely legal (even though I'm not saying it's fair) for him to be paid more because he is a friend of the owner or manager.

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