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    Default Jimmy Ryce Law in Florida

    Before I make a long post out of this, does anyone here have knowledge of the Jimmy Ryce Civil Commitment laws in Florida?

    Have a friend who was dating a 15 y/o when he was 18. Got probation, stupidly went back to her, and then got 5 years in jail. He was out on probation for 4 months, violated his curfew, was released a couple days later when his sentence expired, but was held by DFC for his Jimmy Ryce evaluation. Was recommended for civil commitment because he had some paranoid schizophrenia combined with his past. He is 23, has never really had a chance at life, and now the state is trying to civilly commit him indefinitely.

    Just wondering if there is someone here who could maybe walk me through some of the options we have to help him with what many have labeled an unconstitutional and hazardous law.

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    Default Re: Jimmy Ryce Law in Florida

    As a starting point, the statute can be found here. An early analysis can be found here (PDF Format).

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    Default Re: Jimmy Ryce Law in Florida

    Thank you. I should have included that I have conducted research on the internet and read most of the court rulings regarding this. I cannot find any resources that talk about how a person can defend themself and what are the conviction rates if it does go to trial. Also, there is not a list of whether a given circuit will entertain the idea of a plea to help get these people help without sending them to a facility to get locked up.

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