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    Default Divorce and Immigration Issues

    I am 21 years old and quite unfamiliar with legal issues. My dad is married to...well let's just say that she is not a good person. They are thinking of divorcing, and they have not been married for two years, so she is not quite legal. However, I believe she might have a green card. Before she married my dad she was on a VISA. She is trying to take the house from my dad and I have proof that she married him in the first place because she wanted citizenship. My proof is more of a witness. The witness is my dad's cousin whom she asked to marry after dating him for only one week! My question is that is there anything my dad can do to save his house, and to send her back from where she came? One thing I truly detest is injustice. It is injustice if she gets to keep everything that my dad worked his whole life for to obtain, and it is injustice that such a fowl person should be allowed to be in this country. I am open to responses.

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    Default Re: Divorce and Immigration Issues

    Her immigration status has nothing to do with her right to a share of the marital estate under the divorce laws of your father's state.

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