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    Default Casting Votes in a Parent Condo Association

    My question involves a condominium located in the State of: Meixco
    I am the head of an HOA and our condo is part of a larger community that also happens to be a condominium. Recently the larger condominium gave each owner of our association a vote in the larger group. But the votes have to be done in a block for our developement. Each owner cannot vote independently in the larger group.

    I am looking for some guidelines on how our HOA should decide how to cast its votes. Should it be decided by a majority vote of the Board; decided by the Head of our HOA; a vote of the membership?

    This is a resort community with owners from both the US and Canada. As a vacation home people tend not to pay attention to these details but rely on a smaller group to look after the best interests of everyone. I would think restricting the decision on how to cast our votes to the Board would be the most efficient but openness and transparency are equally important.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: Our Condo's Voting Rights in Another Condo - Rules

    Read your CC&Rs and by-laws.

    They will tell you how you have to vote on matters in general.

    That would be the same way you would vote on how you cast your vote in the bigger association.

    Then, if you cannot get the required vote of your association, you abstain from voting in the bigger association.

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