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    Default Termination for Using Redacted Patient Records for Educational Purposes

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: NEVADA

    I recently attended paramedic school and work as a full-time career firefighter. This all came to an abrupt end this afternoon when I was approached by my Chief because the paramedic coordinator at the college that I attended paramedic school gave my employer all of my practice patient care reports from my school. These documents contained the records of calls that I have personally ran. I did not disclose any personal patient information in these documents and attempted to change any pertinent information that I could. I was solely utilizing these run reports to have my paramedic instructor evaluate and analyze my documentation skills to better myself and become a better EMT.

    These documents were logged onto a secure web site that only myself, my instructor and the paramedic coordinator had access to. I in no way shape or form agreed or consented to the release of any of my educational records or documents to my employer.
    As of today, I have been terminated on the grounds of accessing patient documentation for my own personal gain.

    I have not gained anything from this situation; rather I have lost my job that I strived extremely hard to get. Am wondering if there is any way that I can go after the college for a FERPA violation or a violation of my rights as a student. The college had absolutely no reason what so ever to contact my employer(s).

    This was never an issue that I had with my employer; however it was an issue involved directly with the college. I feel that this was in retaliation from a prior meeting with the paramedic coordinator. We had a meeting set up for next Monday with myself, the Dean and the paramedic coordinator to resolve this issue. He went behind my back and contacted my employer directly without my consent leading to my termination by my employer.

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    Default Re: Termination on Wrongful Grounds

    All I can tell you (others may answer the FERPA issue) is that this is by no means a wrongful termination.

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