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    Default Neighbor's Yard Looks Like a Junk Yard with an Old Bus

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Virginia

    I live next door to a church which is on a residential street. A couple of years ago the church bought an old municipal bus (apparently the local DoT auctions the old buses and you can get a bus with 500K miles for like $500, if one wants). Since acquiring this bus, it has since just sat right next to my house -unused and unmaintained. The thing is filthy and has not moved in over two years - its an eye sore to the say the least. The county has laws against parking commercial vehicles in a residential area but since they are a church they so get a pass on that.

    The situation is so maddening. Every time I look out my window and see this filthy bus, my blood boils. I paid a lot of money for my house and feel like I am living next to a junk yard. No doubt if I decided to sell the house, having a dirty old bus parked adjacent will affect the property value.

    Is there anything that can be done?

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    Default Re: Neighbor's Yard Looks Like a Junk Yard with an Old Bus

    Only if your county Code Enforcement office decides that there is some sort of violation that can be acted upon. No matter what TYPE of vehicle, most cities and counties have ordinances forbidding junked or abandoned vehicles from being an eyesore such as you describe. Find out if yours does, then ask them to act upon it. If there is some loophole in the ordinance that is preventing enforcement from taking place, or they are getting a "pass" by being a church, then it's time to address your Board of County Commissioners and ask them to modify the ordinance. Call the commissioner for your district and voice your concern and displeasure.

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    Default Re: Neighbor's Yard Looks Like a Junk Yard with an Old Bus

    If local government won't help, try this.

    Photograph the bus. Put a caption on it "Would you like to see this from your house"? Print out enough photos to pass out to members of the congregation during services.

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    Default Re: Neighbor's Yard Looks Like a Junk Yard with an Old Bus

    What has the minister said, when you discussed the issue with him?

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    Default Re: Neighbor's Yard Looks Like a Junk Yard with an Old Bus

    Did you speak to anyone at the church regarding it's status, or possible removal?

    Additionally, the last thing I would do is provoke parishioners during service. If you want people to be sympathetic to your needs - don't tick em' off.

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    Default Re: Neighbor's Yard Looks Like a Junk Yard with an Old Bus

    various laws and ordinances you need to investigate that may apply:

    state laws are more and more speaking to derelict and unlicensed vehicles. Check for such a law in your state and locality

    state or local laws/ordinances dealing with a "common nuisance"

    If the bus is a home for wild animals or insects, the health department may have an ordinance addressing it

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