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    Default Claiming reimbursement of medical bills incurred before current order

    The first order was about 12 years ago and it never stated that my sons dad had to pay a share of the medical bills, Teh recent one states he has to pay 49 %. Can i go after him for some of the medical bills form the past even though it was not in the past order, When the first one was written i was very young 18 and did not know better and never sat down with a judge it was all done through mediation.
    Seeing his not paying his court ordered sahe now we will have to go back to court anyway's and was wondering if it was worth talking to a lawyer about it.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Medicals bills? Can i go for past bills before order

    You would likely not be able to recover for past medical bills predating the order holding him responsible for a percentage of the bills. A local lawyer can give you a definitive answer.

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