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    Post Considering Filing for Child Abandonment

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Originally in West Virginia.

    I went through a custody battle with my ex over my son. It lasted about a year and a half, the case is now closed and has been since the first part of 2011. The original custody proceedings were held in West Virginia, my son and I were in the process of moving down to Florida (3 day till we moved) when I was served paper.

    My son and I have been living in Florida for almost 4 years, his father (he is the established father) has not seen him in over 2 years now, and he hasn't made any contact with my son in almost a year and a half (no phone calls, Skype, etc). However he did contact me via text message to verify if I claimed him on my taxes (all texts were saved). In the time that I was texting back and forth with him he never asked how our son was doing.

    I am considering transferring the custody case to where we now reside in Florida (not sure if I can?) and filing child abandonment against his father. I am not sure of Florida's laws about this and also West Virginia's laws about this.

    I am now engaged and my son considers my fiancÚ to bed his "Dad", seeing how he is the only man that he can remember and is always there. If I filed child abandonment charges against my son biological father would I have to have someone to adopt him (my fiancÚ for instance)?

    What does filing for child abandonment in the state of Florida mean??

    Please help, any answers would help me out so much!!!

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    Default Re: Considering Filing for Child Abandonment

    You'll need to be married first. Then, once you've been married awhile, you can speak with a local adoption attorney to guide you further.
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