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    Default Evicting Brother from Home After Father Passes Away

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Texas

    My father just recently passed away. In his will, everything goes to my mom who is currently living in a nursing home and will not be living in the home. My brother took up residence in the home about 2 weeks before my father's death. Now, my mom wants him removed because he has started hoarding the family items and selling some other possessions for drug money. I am my mother's legal guardian, so I'm not sure if she needs to start the eviction process or if I should on her behalf. We haven't even buried my father and my brother is being so selfish.

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    Default Re: Evicting Brother from Home After Father Passes Away

    If the scope of the guardianship includes this matter, then you can take action as guardian. If not, and mom remains competent, mom can take action. If not and mom is no longer competent to handle things outside the scope of the guardianship, you need to consider moving to have the guardianship modified to grant you broader powers.

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